Monday, September 1, 2008


Welcome to my Peruvian travel blog. Please select a post from the left side of the screen. Feel free to view my similar blog from my trip to Argentina in 2007.

I apologize that this blog is primarily a slow, regurgitation of events. The blog is primarily for me to remember all that happened during my two weeks. For more reflections, please just talk to me.

Note: A majority of the photos are taken by me. The few photos (5 or 6) not taken by me are legally taken from Flikr. All the videos are taken by me.


happypatty said...

Dear Audi,
What a breath taking place in the world...thanks for sharing it with us...wish we could have been with you but know it was not our kind of travel...the scenery was almost as great as your insights, photos, comments...hugs...happypatty

Big D said...

Hi Austin,
Sounds like a great trip....big advantage having some Spanish!
I got onto your blog by googling Putu cusi, which I'm keen to climb, but due to circumstances beyond my control i'm going mid Feb 2010, right in the rainy season.
the question is what would Putu cusi be like in the wet, especilly from the point of slipperiness? Secondly, your trip to Machu Picchu has also been described as "Backdoor Machu Picchu". What tour company did you use as the condition of their bikes seem to be a poor reflection?
Previous on the ground experience is invaluable so your advice would be much appreciated.
Dave (Cape Town)