Monday, September 1, 2008

27 August 2008

Airports ~

It is now 4:30 AM on the 27th, and I am sitting in Lima’s Jorge Chavez International Airport. Being that we had to be at the airport so early, I did not go to bed last night.

It does not feel like 4:30 AM just as it does not feel like my time in Peru is over, and I will be returning to be distant other life. What is funny is that I never felt like I was in Peru at all. Whenever I stopped to contemplate my location any time on this trip, I had trouble believing that I was actually in South America, in Peru, and either in the Andes or on the Pacific Coast. The Andes are one of those geographical locations that you learn about in grade school but only memorize for a test, never making the connection that it is an actual part of the world where actual lives are lived. Never would I have expected that I’d make multiple trips to the Andes within 365 days.

Boarding is about to begin for my flight, and to me that signals the beginning of the end of another great life experience…an experience that I will draw from for all of my days. I end my travels having a better understanding how the world functions and how people live. I see everyone in the airport and am excited for their future travels and what they will learn from their experiences.


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