Monday, September 1, 2008

24 August 2008

Cuzco ~

Within the past minute the sun has fallen below one of the mountains surrounding Cuzco, plunging the temperature and dispersing the crowds of people who shared the day with me in the Plaza del Armas. Today I spent another day in the Plaza, but this day was far different from when I did so less than a week ago.

I awoke this morning after a much needed 10 hours of solid sleep. After a few hours, I planted myself in the Plaza and saw a whole different day unfold. Activity is always found in the plaza, but today saw numerous ceremonies take place in all the streets that descend from the plaza. Masses of people dressed in traditional Incan garb paraded through the streets. Being a Sunday morning, I was uncertain whether all the pomp was for religious reasons. If so, it would definitely had been a major production to repeat each Sunday. The excitement ultimately converged on the steps of the cathedral, directly across the park from where I was sitting. Throngs of people paraded past a table of dignitaries, dancing, and showing off their intricate gowns. ON the other side of the park where I sat, it was business as usual. Tourists stopped for pictures, old men fed the birds, and little children flirted with the water pouring from the Plaza’s fountain. I know I could have asked anyone what was going on around us, but I didn’t want to disturb. In fact, I’m happy I don’t know the true meaning of what I witnessed today. That gives me something to think about.

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